Cytosight - Telepathology Application Print

CytoSight is an integrated Tele-Pathology system consisting of a KTwo Box and connected to a Microscope. The Microscope is then connected to a High resolution camera(through the open eye of the Microscope) which can help capture images of Blood samples and process it automatically. Currently CytoSight is capable of analyzing Differential Count and store the results. Multiple images are captured and stored for further references. These images can be either transmitted electronically or a remote pathologist using another Instance of CytoSight can access the stored images and provide comments. Wherein there is a need for further analysis and comments, the same can be stored and informed accordingly.

CytoSight finds immense use wherein the productivity of a Blood sample testing center is to be enhanced. In many centers where Mass Disease Surveillance checks are done, each technician processes a specific sample and makes their comments on a paper and this in turn is further diagnosed by the Doctor.


There are many chances of the Doctor and Technician looking at different areas of the same specimen which may result in differing results. Also the technicians have to be really looking at the eye piece which itself is very strenuous and this can be avoided by capturing the stained image using CystoSight and then projecting the same on a screen. On the enlarged image the technician can make comments pointing to a specific area which can then be diagnosed by the doctor or pathologist. Many images can be captured and processed before final comments / decision.

CytoSight largely helps where there is a dearth of Pathologists. The Pathologists can be brought on a network where they can pick from a worklist and complete the analysis and document results.

CytoSight is built on Open Standards and adheres to all the safety and standards that are required to make a secure and proper transaction.

CystoSight – a part of the Kshema solution can be implemented in a network of diagnostic labs / small hospitals / clinics / PHC’s / District hospitals etc with net connectivity (Minimum broadband) where pathologists can log on to a secure network and analyse the image and provide inputs. By enabling CystoSight, expensive analytical equipments need not be bought by every lab / hospital but can use a network hospital for further analysis. CytoSight – A Pathologists aid is a Product designed and developed by KTwo – A Last Meter connectivity Company.