Why Cytosight Print

Pathological laboratories play a very vital role in the healthcare industry. However, setting up a lab is an expensive proposition and so labs are far fewer in number than needed in a developing country such as ours. The common practice today is that most of labs merely act as 'collection centers' of samples which are dispatched to a nearby 'reference lab' supported by a Pathologist. These samples are then examined using advanced technology and the impressions are sent back to the 'collection center lab'. The patient picks up the lab report and conveys it to the physician.

Absence of infrastructure for such collaboration between centers leads to reduced lab efficiency. Several efforts have been made to improve the diagnostic efficiency and automation tops the list. A wide range of automated devices such as cell counters and microscopy are in use. But, they are not utilized optimally to reduce the gap between 'collection centers' and the path labs. To address the above issues, KTwo introduces an innovative product called Cytosight.

Last Updated on Friday, 25 September 2009 06:19