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Benefits of KTwo Bluetooth® Modules Print
TI Bluetooth radios have Industry's cleanest emission characteristics, lowest power and smallest form-factors
Chips supported for several years by TI
Supports speeds upto 3 Mbps
No RF expertise needed as modules are fully RF tested and guaranteed for performance
No Bluetooth stack needed in case of modules with embedded stack and profiles
High level of h/w and s/w integration enables simple and rapid solution development
On chip FM stereo receiver (HPABT 6350 based modules)
Reduces PCB design and manufacturing costs
Production costs reduced as no sophisticated RF/BT test equipment needed and production test time is minimized
Hardware support for WLAN co-existence (Antenna and Bandwidth sharing options)
BQB, FCC, CE certified modules
Extensive support during development, pre-production and post-production
Last Updated on Friday, 25 September 2009 06:23