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Krystalk™ - Class2 Print

KrysTalk Audio kit is a bi-directional wireless Audio solution based on Bluetooth technology.The Audio Kit comprises of two components Headset & Audio adaptor.The Audio adaptor can be plugged into any legacy Music system/Laptop/Desktop.The Audio analog input at the Audio Adaptor will be wirelessly transmitted to Headset’s Speaker and vice-versa.The application is embedded on the top the Bluetooth Protocol Stack all enclosed in high performing ARM core processor from NXP.Each unit is powered by lithium ion batteries.The power class of the RF in device used is Class-2.

The headset has four buttons and a charging interface. The buttons are used for Vol+/-,power,multifunction. The Audio Kit is based on the A2DP profile and has the mandatory SBC decoder. The SBC streams are decoded and played back.

HeadsetAudio Adaptor


Product Features:
Processor — PNX0101Streaming Time — ~ 8 hours
Codec — Available in PNX0101Audio Level Control — 18 dB Range
Baseband — BGB204Input Voltage for Charger — 5 Volts Minimal
Standards — Bluetooth 1.2 compliant Protocol Stack and ProfilesInput Current for Charger — Max. 500mA
Profiles — AVDTP, A2DP and GAVDP ProfilesBattery Charging Time — ~ 4 hours
Quality — Supports 16, 32, 44.1 & 48 kHz MusicFunctionality —1. ON/OFF
Buttons — Volume +  2. Pairing
  Volume -3. Audio Streaming
  Multi Function Key4. Volume Up, Down


Power — Li Ion Battery with charger  
Range — Upto 10 metres   
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