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With the Healthcare Delivery Systems being overloaded in the developing and densely populated countries, such as India and China, it is imperative to have efficient and cost-effective systems and processes. Specially, the use of Information Technology in Healthcare, especially a Unified Healthcare Management Solution, can potentially improve healthcare delivery.

Given the Healthcare challenges that plague developing countries, KTwo has come up with a very unique solution – Kshema. Kshema is a Unified Healthcare Management Solution that harnesses the power of Communication & Computing to enhance the quality of healthcare in the rural populace.

Kshema (which means “well being” in Sanskrit) offers medical diagnosis, ongoing patient care and has an ability to monitor patients remotely by using innovative applications with the underlying cost-effective technologies. Kshema unifies diagnostic hardware like Microscope, Vital Signs Monitor, ECG machine with the diagnostic software. The software consists of modules for Electronic Health Records, Pathology, Radiology and Vital Signs. The software has the ability to automatically identify the vital parameters and transmit the parameters to the remote doctor through broadband or wireless connectivity. Kshema offers simplicity and cost efficiency making it an ideal solution for use in rural areas where efficiency of healthcare delivery systems is critical.

Kshema provides a simple solution through which a non doctor at a rural health center can record the patient problems/sufferings/vital parameters which are then transferred to a remote district/city health center with a doctor. The doctor with this data of the patient can prescribe medication to the remote patient.

Kshema's Workflow: