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Kshema Features Print

Storage of Electronic Medical Records:
  • Patient medical records are stored in a database which will be helpful for the future use when patient revisits.
  • Medical records may include images captured from clinical microscopes, ophthalmologic equipment and DICOM images- apart from medical history and lab reports.
  • Assists in capturing patient demographic data.
  • Detailed Reports for Patient, Doctor and Administration purposes are available.
  • Specific Ailment Condition based reporting.
Offline Consultation:
  • Patient can get offline consultation and recording of data by Technician.
  • Remote Doctor/Expert can access the medical records and will send the reports to technician.
  • Doctors can be configured to more than one node.
Online consultation:
  • Collaboration achieved through video conferencing, sharing of medical records & real time rendering of images from clinical microscopes.
  • Patient can interact with doctor through video conferencing by which he can get online consultation by the doctor.

Tele-Pathology, Tele-Radiology, Tele-ophthalmology, ECG, Vital Signs are some of the other key features of the product.