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K-LabS and DMS Print

In today’s competitive market, Implementation of a suitable K-LabS will increase productivity and efficiency of your laboratory and also increases the accuracy of data produced. KTwo's Lab Automation Solution is for rendering interconnectivity between various instruments in a Laboratory and further interface it to the server module for accessing the test reports.

  • K-LabS simplifies key process such as sample registration, results calculation, approval and reporting.
  • Implementation of a suitable K-LabS can help maintain compliance with complex GxP (GxP is a general term for Good Practice quality guidelines and regulations) regulations.
  • K-LabS reduces calculation and transcription errors.
  • K-LabS allows effective tracking of sample status.
  • Provides data reports (e.g. productivity and process capability) on demand.

DMS advanced data management capabilities automates many of the routine tasks- reducing their workload and ensuring consistency of results. Following are the benefits of DMS:

  • Save analysts’ time by automatically collecting sample information from K-LabS and creating "ready to run" work lists and sequences.
  • Automatically carry out routine calculations (combining results, rounding results) before reporting to K-LabS.
  • Check sample results against errors so analysts can take corrective action before results are reported to K-LabS.
  • Reduces the errors due to manual processing.
  • Reduce the cost of data management - Time spent manually reporting to K-LabS could be better spent running samples.
  • Deliver sample results to the K-LabS faster - A sample result in the lab is just a number, in the K-LabS it’s an asset. Timely reporting of sample results to your K-LabS gives your business a competitive edge.