Extending the Enterprise Print

kurera extended

Single Data Entry:
  Our Enterprise solution integrates a number of applications into a seamless workflow of clinical events and processes across multiple department and functional areas. Data is entered into the system once only, eliminating the need for synchronization, and reducing the risk of keying and transcription errors. As a patient moves through various care events, information is immediately available. No more waiting for paper reports or film to arrive. A wide range of medical devices can be configured to drop data directly into the system.
Availability of Information:
  Information is available when it is needed and where it is needed, whether staff are working in the hospital headquarters, a regional clinic or an associated care community. The use of net based systems and mobile computing technology means important clinical information can be available just about anywhere.
Cost Effective:
  Outstanding clinical benefits are accompanied by substantial administrative benefits. The entire enterprise may be managed from a single location, or from multiple locations if preferred, using consistent processes across all parts of the organization. Information, such as resource allocation and patient movement, is available to all within the enterprise (subject to security) eliminating the need for time consuming phone calls and emails.

Industry Solutions

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