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A trend-setter in Logistics in Asia


On account of KTwo team’s prior experience in providing solutions to Express Logisitcs functions, KTwo was selected by this Logistics Operator to design and develop complete software for their logistics business. From designing the architecture to developing the complete user interface and back-end systems including offering cutting-edge technology devices, KTwo has offered its complete range of expertise and service.

A Leading MNC Hospital Chain


KTwo was selected by this leading US-APAC based Hospital chain to refine their Hospital Information System. Customer selected KTwo for its experience in multinational healthcare products and services companies and for its foray into developing electronic devices and solutions for the healthcare industry. Besides refining the existing HIS to the customer, KTwo has been providing additional systems and solutions in Laboratory Management, Patient Identification and verification and convenient payment solutions.

US based Consulting Company


A leading US based consultancy company has an ongoing relationship with KTwo for providing services in the area of content management and for building new software products while improving features of its existing products. Customer selected KTwo for its experience in providing product engineering services.

Reverse Auction Portal


Customer needed an IT partner who could help develop a reverse auction IT portal. KTwo team provided first a proof of concept. Upon satisfaction of the PoC, Customer engaged KTwo to develop the software and take it through to implementing it and bringing it live into production. KTwo is currently providing maintenance and support services to the Customer.A7

A Eurpean Mobile Phone Manufacturer


KTwo was selected by this Europe based mobile phone OEM. Customer needed a technology partner who could identify persisting defects in the electric power in their mobile phones. KTwo engineers set forth in a methodical manner in analysis of the behavior of the various hardware and software components and identified the defects. KTwo further provided solutions to rectify the defects. Customer is now in engagement with KTwo for repeat projects.