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As software development increasingly dominates the engineering process in consumer and industrial products the primary challenge today is developing high-quality, reliable software to embed in these products.

KTwo Technology Solutions is a products company driven by a winning top team of professionals who possess experience and knowledge in rolling out innovative new products in international markets. Operating on a well defined agenda KTwo harnesses the potential of Indian and Global talent pool to build and deliver world-class products tailored to varied budgets in a global market.

The key objective of the company is to build and consolidate products to create solutions that align high utility with value for the TCO. KTwo’s basket of products offers a point solution in itself or a combined bundle as a larger point solution. We also focus on building industry frameworks to serve as a basis for vertical solutions in niche industry segments.

Headed by Anant Koppar a visionary technology leader, KTwo is driven by a team of technologists and domain experts with extensive experience in rolling out new products in the market.


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