Product Realization Print

KTwo's professional design services help customers meet their demand, by providing expert design, development and product realization services that accelerate time-to-market of high-quality embedded systems. KTwo offers product realization services from concept to production covering various aspects like product conceptualization, architecture and system design, initial development, application deployment and feature enhancement.

A product starts out as an idea. realizing this idea is a challenge for companies in this extremely fast-paced market with stringent demands for product reliability and high importance to innovative design having a major impact on the product's acceptance and success. With the time-to-market for new products plummeting, companies need to be able to master the rapid product Understanding process, starting from product definition, conceptualization, design, piloting, to manufacturing, in order to bring new products quickly to the market ahead of competition.

The integration of numerous hardware and software tools creates a seamless product realizing environment that enhances quality and reliability, reduces cost and cycle time, and increase flexibility.

KTwo's product realizing services facilitate in translating customer's concepts into products through a range of value added services across the product development cycle.

These include:

 Defining Requirement specification
 Piloting / Prototyping
 Architectural design
 System-level design
 Hardware development
 Software development
 Module integration and testing
 Product Release