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Software development has become a challenging proposition today in the face of changing customer requirements, complex and fragile system architectures and ever-evolving technological platforms.

System software is the core of any system responsible for controlling, integrating, and managing the individual hardware components of the complete system. Specific kinds of system software include loading programs, operating systems, device drivers, compilers, assemblers, linkers and utilities.

Software development today is heavily focused on the ideas of process maturity and continuous improvement. Processes are designed to deliver products. Process engineering should ideally rest on foundations of sound product engineering.

We present a software product engineering that develops the product through successive levels of realization. This separates the concerns in software development by relating each level to a knowledge domain and localizing exactly on those qualities that become manifest in that knowledge domain. Our main focus is to achieve correctness of realization schemes as well as the transformations between levels, so that each level preserves previously created qualities while adding new desired qualities.

Digital Signal Processing algorithms

Equipped with extensive domain knowledge and experience in the DSP Software arena, KTwo has executed many projects and applications in algorithm development, coding and hardware design.

Our expertise include:

 Feasibility study of system and algorithms development based on product requirements.
 Performance evaluation and MIPS-Memory optimization.
 Customization to cater to specific architectures and platforms.
 Integration of sub blocks and algorithms into the system.
 Signal processing algorithm development and coding.

Embedded Applications

As computing devices continue to advance, integration of multiple applications onto a single processor has become a common prevalence in today's times. Integration of applications pose a serious challenge for developers, who need to tackle issues relating to intercommunication, power, size and cost constraints.

With a successful track record in developing a variety of applications for automotive, consumer electronics, wireless, audio/video KTwo's software team brings significant value to custom embedded application development efforts on popular RTOS platforms.

KTwo has successfully executed many projects on embedded application implementation and integration.

Further, our team has expertise on the following tools and technologies:

 RTOS (VxWorks, QNX, eCos, Embedded Linux, etc)
 Device Drivers
 Protocol Stacks and IP Development
 DSP Algorithms