Hardware Design Print

Real-time embedded systems strongly depend on the hardware they are built with. The evolution of the hardware architectures has therefore had a significant impact on the systems properties. The increasing use of microprocessors and microcontrollers in embedded systems, the advent of dual core processors, the demand for dedicated and programmable hardware and the need for integrated communications have posed new challenges for designers.

KTwo's hardware design team is fully equipped to offer board and designs from concept to a functional board to suit customer requirements. Our hardware solutions address the latest challenges in hardware design and effectively support processor inter-communications and high-speed I/O and memory access operations while ensuring cost-effective PCB architecture and manufacturing testability.

KTwo's hardware design services comprise of a rich array of board designs, EVMs, Starter Kit, reference designs and FPGA based designs that cater to small footprint, power optimized solutions to high-end VME/cPCI based systems that have been built to work in harsh environmental conditions.

Expertise on Hardware Development:
 Complex Board Designs
 Microprocessor and DSP based designs
 RF and Analog Design
 Complete System design

Reference Design

Reference designs provide a kind of blueprint that other manufacturers can use to build products. Reference designs have become a valuable part of a product designer’s tool set for the creation of new products. Using proven designs in a modular context allows sophisticated electronic products to be completed quickly and at reduced cost. Reference designs help minimize development challenges, improve deployment confidence and reduce time-to-market with a completely integrated development environment.

In today's fast-moving marketplace, time-to-market often determines a product's success, particularly in rapidly growing applications. KTwo's reference designs speed up a manufacturer's new product development and time-to-market. Our reference designs encompass everything a developer needs to jump-start product development, thereby expediting the development of complete, cost-effective solutions that can be brought to market much more quickly. Our designs address market segments ranging from personal devices, home entertainment, security & surveillance, hospital applications, telematics & infotainment.

Customers can also request the level of design service required and have the design adapted to suit their specifications, to save time and costs. KTwo can incorporate the necessary architecture, algorithm and software changes in the design to adapt it to specific customer applications. By streamlining the development process KTwo helps customers to focus on their business critical functions and value-added measures.