DSP/Embedded processor designs Print

Widespread use of DSPs in a variety of digital multimedia and communication is one of the hottest trends in the embedded systems. High processing speeds, programmability and real-time performance make DSPs uniquely suited for video, voice and data applications.

Dual core embedded processors like TI's OMAP have provided developers real-time performance and power-efficiency required for developing next-generation multimedia - enhanced applications. Optimizing the performance of both real-time, processing-intensive tasks and control functions, the OMAP processors encompass a DSP core that facilitates real-time processing capabilities and low power consumption while the ARM core provides scalability and flexibility, optimizing system performance.

KTwo's embedded processor-based designs based on leading processors like Intel, PowerPC and ARM have helped in providing advanced solutions for smart gadgets, portable/handheld devices and consumer electronic devices.
KTwo has dedicated teams offering DSP based solutions on leading DSPs from TI and Analog Devices. We offer customers complete design services in DSP hardware as well as software, from top-level architecture to assembly-level coding, simulations, testing and support.

Some of our Embedded Processor and DSP based designs include:
 Designs based on Fixed and Floating point DSPs
 Multi-processor DSP designs for signal processing and audio synthesis
 DSP based designs for noise cancellation and protocol analysis
 Embedded processor designs for navigation, audio and video application
 Low power designs for handheld and portable devices
 Embedded designs based on micro-controllers
 Enabling WLAN on leading TI DSPs
 Multi channel high sensitivity miniature GPS receiver module
 Development platforms to streamline development of wireless/multimedia devices
 Complex Board Designs
 RF and Analog Design
 Complete System design