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Pathology labs in hospitals are responsible for conducting all the tests on biological samples obtained from patients. This is either done manually or using a standard HIMS package this is initiated.

The samples needed for the ordered tests are collected in a sequence as per the type of tests to be done. The samples are then fed to lab instruments or tested by manual process. After performing the tests, lab test results are passed on to Pathologists to review the same and provide comments. Approved results are then made available to (HIMS application). When it comes to Large sample collection and ensuring strict adherence to guidelines, automation of the collection and reporting process becomes key.

KTwo’s K-LabS – provides hospitals the flexibility to automate most of their Lab routines and procedures. K-LabS integrates with many of the Hospital Devices used for testing samples and automates testing routines. It also Integrates with Kurera – KTwo’s HIMS, thus automating the complete Hospital Lab collection and reporting process.