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Literally meaning ‘Where are you going?, Quovadis is a solution based built on the wireless IEEE 802.15.4 standard. Whether one would like to track Company assets or people, this solution from KTwo comes in very handy by providing the last Meter Connectivity. Asset Tracking System

Quovadis is,
  • KTwo's Solution for real time location tracking system. This solution is very key in various industries for tracking high value assets as well as personnel.
  • To understand who, what, when & where at any time is a very important information that can be leveraged by using Quovadis.
  • Increase business efficiency, Security, responsiveness & above all control of the operations.
  • Solution comprises of hardware (Tags, Repeaters, etc), software & implementation all under one roof.
A typical example would be in a Hospital where Patient movement through various care areas is to be tracked and announced, Quovadis comes in very Handy. The tags on patients are wirelessly tracked on the Quovadis Console.

Expensive Items are tagged and tracked. Integrated with a Employee Management / Visitor Management System or with a Asset Management system, Quovadis can provide extensive User experience and at the same time, enhance productivity in an organization there by reducing costs and increasing security.