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Bluetooth SIG Intel
Forged Alliance on KTwo’s Healthcare Initiatives, specifically on the Tele-Medicine Solutions, An Audio / Visual created with KTwo CEO and team was telecast to Intel employees worldwide. Intel and KTwo work together on other initiatives such as HIMS on Tablet PC’s, promotion of Tele-Medicine etc..

Bluetooth SIGMotorola
Partnership with Motorola for their Handheld devices for Phlebotomy Terminal.
Value Add: Currently provides free samples of hardware / hand held devices for many of our current projects / programs.

Bluetooth SIGFreescale
Freescale is a leading semiconductor company headquartered in USA. Works closely on our Wireless IEEE 802.15.4 initiatives and other automotive programs.
Value Add: Entry into Auto segments, seminars, entry into programs of repute such as FTF etc.

Bluetooth SIGAVAYA:
Alliance with Avaya for Co-Marketing & Sales to healthcare industry.

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

The Institute has been able to make many significant contributions to research in frontier areas of science and technology. IISc has patents in innovative areas of imaging and compression technology.
KTwo has partnered with the IISc to incorporate advances in imaging and compression technology in its products and offer the technology benefits to its partners and customers.
Bluetooth SIGBluetooth SIG
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is a trade association comprised of leaders in the telecommunications, computing, automotive, industrial automation and network industries that is driving the development of Bluetooth wireless technology, a low cost short-range wireless specification for connecting mobile devices and bringing them to market.
• KTwo is an Associate Member of Bluetooth SIG
The WiMedia Alliance is an open, non-profit industry association dedicated to collaboratively developing and administering specs from the physical layer up; enabling connectivity and interoperability for multiple industry-based protocols sharing the MBOA-UWB spectrum. WiMedia is the "Ultra in Wireless." The new WiMedia Alliance represents a combination of WiMedia with the Multiband OFDM Alliance SIG (MBOA-SIG) - the two leading organizations creating UWB industry specifications and certification programs for consumer electronics, mobile and PC applications.

KTwo is working in the ultrawideband (UWB) technology and intends to offer products and solutions in the following areas:

• Wireless AV and home theatre systems
• Wireless video conferencing
• Wireless digital media transfer between portable devices
• Wireless gaming devices
• High-speed, short-range wireless PANs
• High-speed wireless printing
• High-resolution location finding
• Imaging in Medical, Industrial and Security systems